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Have a dream and live it. Nontraditional or unconventional perspectives of my artistry. Strong desire to wow you, wanting the painting to linger in your mind.

A West Sacramento artist known by his first name, Gregory, has rediscovered his artistic self and is happily expressing it thru his acrylic paintings and scenic stage artwork for Sacramento theatre productions, mostly at Big Idea Theatre.  

In my studio working on Alice.jpg
No project is too big for The Open House
In the beginning...

Since I was a teenage, I loved art, drawing, painting and even sculpting with clay.  After High School, I tried to become a working artist. My first success was a painting titled "The Waterfall" which won a 1975 Sacramento Festival of the Arts Purchase Award.


Tried to locate this painting many years later but failed. Sacramento Art Commission said it may have been transferred to the Crocker Art Gallery but that is where my search went cold.


Anyone know where it might be? 

Next mile stone...

I am a fan of Magic the Gathering by Wizards of the Coast. At a gaming convention I had a chance to talk with them about doing artwork for them. They encouraged me to submit a sample. I painted "Spider Queen" and sent it to them. They liked it but had decided to use other artists.

Next major success...

In 2015, my amazing wife, Shaleen encouraged me to entry the D23 (Disney) Expo 2015 Design Challenge. So I submitted my concept drawing and was accepted as one of 23 artists. Next, I had just 45 days to complete nine painting collage of the Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland. 


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D23 2015.jpg
D23 Design Challenge 2015 My Castle coll

(Above) My wife, Shaleen and I pose in front of my painting. (Left) Unknown D23 attendee views my winning painting.

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