DONE, yes I am done with my hands painting. It was my most ambitious project.

Hands Across Time & Space is a 36x44 acrylic on canvas depicting space with twenty mounted 6x6 acrylic hand(s) paintings.

Elements of the painting

Two large hands form the heart gesture are featured within all twenty canvases. As The Beatles said in song "All you need is Love".

Next featured in ten of the canvases are two large hands from the famous Sistine Chapel's The Creation of Adam fresco painting by Michelangelo.

Next are twenty hands, some famous, historic or socially noteworthy.


Each row, five of twenty 6x6 acrylic paintings have a hidden painting of more hands. Four rows, using both sides give an addition eight paintings. The sides of the canvas are referred as the gallery wrap. 

NOTE: Do you see Michelangelo's Adam and Gods hands? How about the heart gesture with a black hand and a white hand. Only the nine of twenty are showing in the photo. Many changes were made. Example: Yoda, Wonder Woman and at least two others were painted over/replaced.

Problem was how to securely mount the small canvases. This structure I built seemed to do the trick. Attached to the large canvas frame and thin wood panels to attach each of the smaller canvases. 

With all twenty acrylic paintings mounted on the larger painting, it now sits safely on my easel in my studio. Now on to the final changes that I decided to change/improve my project "Hands Across Time & Space".

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