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Through the looking glass

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My first labor of love for my favorite book, Through the Looking Glass (full title, Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There). It took about a year for me to complete. Below I have photos of the process it took to complete.

Acrylic on canvas  24"H x 36"W




$5,000   Original 24x36 painting


Limited Edition (10) embellished, signed
$500      Giclee  24x36 canvas copies
$250      Giclee  12x18 canvas copies   

Unlimited, Signed w/cert
$350      Giclee  24x36 canvas copies
 $175      Giclee  12x18 canvas copies

Quality paper prints  unframed, no matting
$60        12x18    signed by artist
$20        7.5x10.5    signed by artist

Note: measurements are in inches, not meteric

           Shipping cost based on location.

           Only within the 48 states of USA

Original Chessboard.jpg
Turned Chessboard.jpg

Chess game was in the story and I had to turn the board to be accurate. I then had the Unicorn and Lion playing that game. Not story based. 

Lewis Carroll and original Alice included as a painting (upper right corner).




Through-The-Looking-Glass Lewis Caroll.j
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