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Dream a dream... then live it!

West Sacramento Artist & Actor

Acrylic (Trompe-l’oeil) Artist / stage set Artist.

Award winning stage & film Actor.




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Artist Contact email:


CALL TO ARTISTS: Bold Expressions 2024, Northern California Arts, Inc.(NCA) 69th International Open Juried Art Exhibit.

Open to fine artists everywhere. Northern California Arts, Inc.,located in the Sacramento Area invites you to submit your original artwork. Photography, giclees, video, computer generated art, or crafts are not accepted for this show.

Juror: Tom Matousek,

Online application DEADLINE August 11, 2024;

Exhibit dates: October 1 ,2024- October 26th 2024.

Best of show $1,000 plus other awards.

For detailed Artist’s Prospectus: & click on call to artists.

Bold Expressions 2024.


Chair: Gregory Smith  Co-Chair Paul Dessau 530-346-6078

See Work-In-Progress

Click on the button below to see some of my artistry I am currently working on in my studio.


Best in Show award

"Selfie" my acrylic on canvas 24"x36" gallery wrap painting of me, my art buddy cat "Prince Charming" and the Painting behind us won the Best in Show award. Magnum Opus means from the Latin "great work." by artists locally and from around the globe showcasing their best and most brilliant works.


Magnum Opus 2023 Art Show


Expressions of Excellence Award

"Hands Across Time & Space" my acrylic on canvas 44"x36" gallery wrap painting with twenty 6"x6" mounted canvases depicting famous, historic and/or socially significant hands that have changed our world, won the Blue Ribbon Expressions of Excellence award.

Bold Expressions 2022 Art Show


Note: on the sides of the mounted paintings 8 more hands were painted. Michael Jackson was one.

Micheal Jackson Gloved.jpg

Won Juror's Award


My "Hands Across Time & Space" acrylic on canvas 36"x44" w/twenty smaller mounted canvases painting won the Juror's Award at the CA State Fair Art Show 2022. The Juror’s Awards is the highest award other than Best in Show.   

Juror's Award includes the golden bear and a large rosette ribbon and money

Juror's Award

"Hands Across Time & Space" acrylic painting 36"x44" gallery wrap with twenty 6x6  mounted paintings depicting famous, historic, and/or socially important hands which have changed our world.

On the sides of the smaller canvases, eight additional paintings are viewable if you look down the side of any row.

Note: Michelangelo's David (torso) is hidden within the painting. My trademark.


That is us, Shaleen my amazing wife and I with the Juror's Award Ribbon. The Golden Bear was included


One of the elements of today's media-saturated culture, is the seemingly random and constant display of images that come our way.


While packed with images, Gregory Smith's "Hands Across Time & Space" goes against this prevalent mode of presentation. Even as our landscape is littered with disposable imagery, meant to be passed over, this painting invites continued viewing and returns generous amounts of meaning upon each observation.

Each of the four rows of small canvasses, mounted on the background canvas, present portraits of recognizable people and the gestures that they use and used to communicate their views and ideologies. Ranging from the political to the spiritual, this amounts to a cultural vocabulary. While inviting close ;scrutiny, this painting also rewards the viewer who looks at it from a distance. The almost abstract background coalesces into the universally recognizable images of "The Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo and the current "love" sign heart made by two hands pressing together - all of this floating in front of the image of our ever-expanding universe.


"Golden Beauties" acrylic painting 16"x20" gallery wrap depicting Sacramento's iconic Tower Bridge and California Poppies (state flower)

"Cosmic Crossing" acrylic painting 16"x20" gallery wrap depicting Sacramento's iconic Tower Bridge. Fantasy element. Buy it.


"Two Towers" acrylic painting 12"x24" gallery wrap depicting Sacramento's iconic Tower Theater and Tower Bridge. Can be hung one of two ways.


My feature length film called Redemption Value is available for FREE on and on Tubi w/commercials or


For rent or purchase on Amazon Prime subscribers or at


I play Doug Reed, a down on his luck, homeless man who find his road to redemption. Please see the preview below.

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